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Isle of Man to Glasgow

We headed off to the UK on the Ben My Chree this morning for a long weekend in Glasgow. The drive up was a bit iffy in parts due to hail, sleet and snow, but after an hour or so it cleared up and was quite sunny for the rest of the drive.

When we arrived at the Marriott our room wasn't ready, despite it being about 15:30, so we left our luggage with the hotel and headed in to town. My wife went shopping and I soon found myself sitting in the Toby Jug, which has become my "local" in Glasgow and set about trying the local beers.

I phoned my mother just to let her know we'd arrived safely and she rather surprised my by saying she'd agreed to buy an apartment today. We'd been looking for somewhere for her to move to that was on a bus route and had as few steps as possible as she'd had a couple of falls recently and had hurt herself but this sudden decision came as a bit of a shock. I needed a few more beer to fully digest the implications of this news. This meant that we'll be likely moving in to her current house later this year and then would either sell or rent ours out, depending on the state of the housing market. When my wife arrived we had a few more beers and she had some whisky before we headed to the hotel with me a little worse for wear to see if our room was finally ready.

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