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MiniWorld makes me sound gay!

My friend Ian collects classic Minis, including one of the first five hundred built and one of the last five hundred built. He also has several in between.

For reasons of "convenience" he has a toilet in the corner of his large garage and before he walled it in he wanted a joke photo of him sitting on it. This ended up as a series of photos featuring him and his Italian Job Mini in various poses, with him reading MiniWorld magazine, wiping the Mini's dipstick, etc.

We sent one of these photos off to Kay Drury at MiniWorld a while ago. We know Kate through various Mini events and she has also attended the Manx Mini Meet which is organised by Ian and a couple of friends.

This photo was eventually printed in the July 2012 issue of MiniWorld.

I'm not too sure about the "when fooling around one day Mike got Ian to drop his trousers" part though!

Photo: MiniWorld Reader's Photo

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