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I still don't like cricket

I had a very poor night sleep and was still feeling tired in the morning. After a bland and unexciting breakfast I left the others talking about sport and headed out for a walk by myself. It was damp and overcast, and after wandering around the Lowry mall for a while I went to the nearby Metro station and took a tram into Manchester.

It was pouring down in Manchester and after looking unsuccessfully in a couple of camera shops for a 16mm lens for my Sony NEX-7 and then finding my "local" pub was closed I decided to head back on the tram and see what was happening regarding the cricket.

The start of cricket was delayed delayed due to the rain so we wandered off for more beer in Lime bar. When we eventually heard that that match was due to start at 17:30 we had a rather fast and frantic walk to Old Trafford to watch what was left of the shortened cricket match.

More beer was consumed and it appeared that some of the crowd had been there since the original start time drinking beer because, rather surprisingly, a fight broke out near where we were sitting. I hadn't expected fisticuffs at a cricket match and neither, it appeared, had the police or ground staff. After a while a couple of female spectators went to get security and the police to break up the fighting. One of the main protagonists had already scarpered by the time the police arrived so they were limited to taking statements and then remaining in our section in case anything kicked off again.

After the cricket, which England won quite easily, we headed back to the hotel for some late night pizza as we were all quite hungry having seemingly forgotten to eat anything since breakfast.

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