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Home to the Island

We had a good night's sleep and felt  a lot better in the morning. We had a nice leisurely breakfast and then packed, checked out and took a taxi to Liverpool airport.

Security was the usual pain and eventually we flew back to the Isle of Man.

My first experience of cruising hadn't been the best introduction. I think it will be a while before we do another cruise, but I'm sure we'll do some more in the years to come

Back in Liverpool

This morning we sailed to Liverpool and disembarked. We took a taxi to the Mal Maison hotel where we left our luggage until it was time to check in. Bumped into Pete Burns on his way out, hope I don't get the room he's just had.

We walked around Liverpool for a while but we were all very tired by the time we could check in so we crashed in our rooms until it was time for our evening meal.

Dublin and more rain

The night had been a bit rough as usual, particularly around 5 am when we were both awake due to the rough seas.

We had breakfast as usual and I decided to stay on board as I couldn’t face a boring walk around a wet and miserable Dublin. My wife and my mother took the shuttle bus into town to look at the shops. I sat by myself in the Aquitaine lounge with my laptop, reading some PDF books on Lightroom 2.

I don't think I missed much, we're all a bit fed up with the wet weather and rough seas.

[singlepic=125,310]Photo: Rainbow, Leaving Dublin


Cove and Cork

The night wasn’t as bad as we’d expected and after breakfast we went to the Queesntown Exhibition and then walked to Cove, but it was pouring with rain so we returned to the ship for lunch.

[singlepic=126,310]Photo: Cove / Cobn

My mother and I then caught the train into Cork but it was still pretty miserable in the rain so after a while we took the train back to the ship.

We watched some Irish dancing before we sailed, rested in the cabin until it was time for the formal evening meal and then retired to our cabin at 10 o’clock as usual. The next day's stop Isle of Man had been canceled due to the bad weather so we were off to Dublin instead.


The weather was too bad to go to Guernsey as planned so we went to Plymouth. Some people were leaving the cruise as they’d had enough of the bad weather, seasickness and no sleep. A bus took us in to the town, my wife got off to look at the shops while my mother and I stayed on until the Barbican area.

[singlepic=127,310]Photo: Plymouth (View from Smeatons Eddistone Lighthouse)

We walked around the front and then climbed up to the Hoe where we looked at various memorials and then had a coffee and tea cake. My wife phoned to see where we were and then caught us up. We when walked around an bit more and had a drink in a pub before catching the tour bus back to the boat.

[singlepic=128,310]Photo: Plymouth (View from Smeatons Eddistone Lighthouse)

Neil and Pauline from the IOM were getting off the boat to make their own way home and we bumped into another couple where the wife was from the IOM and she spent some time chatting to us. The forecast for out trip to Cove in Ireland was not too good, with periods of force 8 expected