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BBC iPlayer

I'd had a quick look at the BBC iplayer a while ago on my Mac Pro. While it let me catch up on an episode of a series that I'd missed it didn't seem very compelling and I never went back to it. Also, there was no download option for the Mac OS.

While we were away at the weekend we missed the first episode of the new Torchwood series and I wanted to watch it before I saw last night's episode so I had another look at iPlayer.

I was pleasantly surprised how good it looked on my screen, especially when I played it full screen for the first time, and how it was playing with no stuttering and buffering.

However, after about 15 minutes the stuttering and buffering started, presumably as the contention ratio on our line rose, making it unwatchable. As there was now an option to download the episode I tried that and after a while we were able to watch the episode full screen and with no buffering.

This was really good, especially on my 30" monitor, and as my wife pointed out, it was bigger than our first few televisions!

I think I'll now be using iPlayer a lot more and have already downloaded and started watching the Sunday episode of Top Gear that I missed when we were away for the weekend.

I'd been hearing things recently about IP TV and can now see a great future for it.

Rode microphone and Apple TV

My Rode microphone for the Canon 5D MkII arrived from Amazon today, it's a lot bigger than I'd expected and almost dwarfs the camera.

Our Apple TV also arrived, I had a slight hiccup getting it connected to iTunes on my Mac Pro but once it was sorted it looks like being everything I'd hoped it would be


I checked our small pond today and was pleasantly surprised to see how many tadpoles had made it through the cold spell.

The shallow end was a mass of tadpoles. I'm slightly worried that they won't all find enough to eat and will start eating each other soon. I tried a little flaked fish food, but I think they're still too young to eat that yet.

I tried videoing the mass of tadpoles with our little Flip MinoHD camera. I wasn't too happy with the result; the close up focus wasn't too good, so I re-shot it with my Canon 5D Mk II.

I think the tadpoles were massed in the very shallow water as it would be warm from the sun. I noticed that later in the day, when the sun had gone down a bit, they had mostly moved away into the deeper water.


Flip MinoHD Video Camera

I'd ordered a Flip MinoHD video camera off Amazon last week and it eventually turned up today. Even though the Amazon retailer was UK based it seemed that the Flip had been despatched from the USA so it took longer to arrive than I'd expected.

It's on charge at work at the moment and I'll have a play with it at home later and transfer the supplied software to my Mac.