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Entries from April 1, 2004 - April 30, 2004


New York to the Isle of Man

Travelling back from the USA is definitely the worst part of the holiday. You have to check out of the hotel, fill in some time before going to the airport, have an overnight flight back to the UK and then in our case take two more flight the next day before getting back home to the Isle of Man.

We spend a few hours relaxing in Central Park and trying not to get too hot and sweaty as it would be late the next day before we could take a shower again.

The flight back was the same as normal, no upgrade this time. We then had hours of hanging around airports and two further flights before we arrived home very tired.

New York (Day 3)

I had breakfast in the Olympic Diner again and then we took the Waterfront Shuttle to go to the Intrepid. We went on the Growler submarine but we couldn’t go on the Concorde as it wasn’t yet open to the public. We went around the flight deck of the Intrepid, looking at all of the planes.

Later we caught a cross town bus to get the subway down to China Town. My wife spent ages looking for a LV bag but couldn’t find one. Most of them were covered up or taken off display. I got the feeling the stall holders were edgy and me walking around with my big camera taking photos of them probably didn’t help.

We then took the subway to go to St Vincent’s Hospital to see the Memorial Wall and Tile Wall, which was quite moving looking at all of the posters and the tiles. We took the subway back to the hotel and on the way I sat in something that looked like puke. Yuck!

New York (Day 2)

I had breakfast in the Olympic Diner, I really like that place. We then spent a lot of the day on the open top bus tours, doing the uptown loop, the downtown loop to Battery Park, and then the Brooklyn loop again. My wife then wanted to look around some shops so we went to Macy’s.

New York (Day 1)

We had breakfast in Pigalle, the restaurant next door but actually part of the hotel. We then went on the Downtown loop of the sightseeing bus tour, which was quite enjoyable. We also did the Evening Tour which went over to Brooklyn and was also quite interesting. Going over the Manhattan Bridge on the top of an open bus was an amazing experience. If felt like a scene from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Later on we queued for the Empire State but gave up after waiting a good while. We had our evening meal in Olympic Diner, just over the road from out hotel. It was very good, I enjoyed it far more than and fancy restaurant.

Washington DC to New York

Today we took the train to from Washington DC to New York. We both really enjoyed the train journey, travelling in the first class coach with its large comfortable seats and waitress service.

We arrived in New York and took a cab to the Days Inn hotel on 8th Avenue. I wasn’t al all impressed with the hotel, the room was very noisy room and in a tatty state. Went for a walk in the evening but we were very tired so we had an early night.