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Entries from December 1, 2006 - December 31, 2006


A quiet New Year's Eve

After breakfast we walked up to the Catholic cathedral for the 11 o’clock service, which lasted until just after midday. We then walked along Hope St, past the “Case History” display, to the Anglican cathedral. We than walked down to the main shopping street and bought some snacks in case we couldn’t find anywhere to eat that night. It was a very windy night, the New Year fireworks display had been cancelled because of the weather, and as everywhere looked to be very busy we just had a quiet evening in the hotel, eating the various snacks we’d bought earlier and washing them down with whiskey.

Liverpool ~ Ducks and Ferries

After breakfast we walked to the Albert Dock and took a Duck tour of Liverpool and the docks. I’d done the Duck tour before, but my parents hadn’t and I quite enjoyed the guide’s commentary. After that we had a warming drink in a café at the Albert Docks and then took a trip on the Mersey Ferry. It was starting to rain a bit by now, so we headed back towards the hotel, doing a little shopping on the way. My wife fancied a smaller “point and shoot” compact digital camera instead of her Canon 300D digital SLR so I want back to Currys and bought a Canon Ixus 900 Ti. We had our evening meal in the Mexican restaurant near the hotel; I had the American Grill, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Newcastle to Liverpool

We packed the car, somehow managing to squeeze everything and everyone into it, and headed towards Hartlepool. We were aiming for the Headlands as somewhere to go into Hartlepool and spotted the Maratime Museum. We spent an hour or so having a look around the various exhibitions and the HMS Trincomalee, which dates from 1817.

Our route towards Liverpool would have taken us over the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, but the bridge was closed due to the high winds. We diverted around the closed bridge and continued on to Liverpool, stopping off at a motorway services on the way for food and fuel. We eventually arrived in Liverpool and found our hotel, The Marriott Hotel City Centre.

Metro Centre and M&S

I took mt wife back to the Metro Centre so she could do some proper shopping and after a few hours we returned to the hotel laden down with bags. I don't know how we're going to fit it all in the car.

We then took the electric bus up to town. We had a look around before ending up in another M&S. How can women shop so much?

We then walked back to the hoteland had our evening meal in the nearby Picher & Piano again.

Durham and the Metro Centre

We drove to Durham and parked in the “Park and Ride” to get the shuttle bus into town. We walked up through the town to the cathedral and had a look around inside it. We would have visited the castle but it was closed.

We stopped off at the Metro Centre on the way back but our visit was a bit of a shambles. We couldn’t get parked at first, it was that busy. We then split up, but as we only had two mobile phones between the four of us, and no-one knew the number of one of the phones, we couldn’t contact each other. We eventually found each other and returned to the hotel. We went up to have our evening meal at Lao’s Chinese Buffet in Chinatown.