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It was such a lovely sunny day today that I went for a walk along Douglas promenade. The sun was shining and it was one of those days that I was good to be out in.

After the walk I got my Canon 20D, 100-400 lens and my new Manfrotto tripod and head out of the car to take some photos of Summerland being delomished. It was the first time I'd used this setup and getting the camera and lens attached to the tripod head was a bit of a fiddle. I was using the mounting point on the lens as it was a long, heavy "L" lens and the battery grip was getting in the way of the mounting plate release lever. I eventually had to rotate the camera and lens around the lens mounting ring to get the plate mounted. The results were worth it though, far better than trying to hand hold the lens at that range, even though it has image stabilisation.

When I returned home I sat out in the garden and read some of the papers. Despite the frost still on the grass and the ice on the pond it was fairly warm if you sat in the sun and were out of any breeze. You could hear the frogs calling so they must be up and about after the winter. We had frogspawn on 1st February last year so I wouldn't be surprised to see some in the pond shortly.

Prague to Isle of Man

Sunday 1 January

We were heading home today so we had a bit of a lie in before breakfast, which was being server later anyway because it was New Year's Day. After breakfast we packed our cases and waited for the airport transfer.

The flight back to Heathrow in Club Class wasn't much different from the flight out, except for slightly more legroom and a far better meal. We had a three hour wait at Gatwick before boarding a rather cramped 146 for the flight home to the Isle of Man.