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Entries from June 1, 2011 - June 30, 2011


Manx Mini Meet 2011 - Day 2

It was another early start for the Manx Mini Meet this morning, this time at a very misty Marine Drive for a closed road stage. I walked to the first set of bends, where there was a big drop in to the sea on the other side of the railings, and spent the next hour trying to take photos in the swirling mist.  

I'd used a Gorilla Pod to fix my video camera to the railings and sat on the bank opposite snapping away photos as the Minis went past.


Later we all parked up on Douglas Promenade by the War Memorial (with permission!) for a photo opportunity and then enjoyed a well organised meal at the nearby Italian Job restaurant in evening



Manx Mini Meet 2011 - Day 1

I was up earlier than I would be for work this morning to grab my photo gear and be ready to be picked up by my mate who was running the second annual Manx Mini Meet. The event was to start at the TT Grandstand and then head out on a navigational rally to the lunch stop at St Johns.

It was good to see some old friends from The Italian Job children's charity event again and catch up with the latest news. I set my video camera up on a tripod at the start line and left it running while I took photos of the Minis and their crews.

After an excellent lunch stop at St Johns, and the stragglers and lost were rounded up, we headed off over Archallagan to Oatlands for a blind fold slalom run with the navigator giving the driver directions. This was quite a fun stage on private land but to was slow going and took quite a while to get all of the teams through the route.

A short drive further south took us to King Williams college where a timed run on a closed private road stage was held. The winner wasn't the shortest time, which would have involved all sorts of hassle for the organisers, but was the one closest to a set time of 45 seconds.

After all of the cars had several runs through the stage we all went in to the Barrovian Hall at the college for an massive afternoon tea. Despite our best efforts there was loads left over so there were lots of "doggie bags" taken home that evening.


Home from Leeds

As we were packing at getting ready to leave York and head home we heard that the M62 blocked crash. We ended up taking a rather convoluted route through Harrogate, Leeds, Bradford before arriving at Liverpool where we just had time for lunch at Wagamamma and then watched "X Men First Class" at the Odeon cinema in Liverpool 1 before catching the boat home.


Yorkshire Air Museum

We headed out to the Yorkshire Air Museum this morning, just a short drive away from York. We spent a couple of hours there looking at the planes and other exhibits and I found out that I wasn't so slim and agile as I once was as I was struggled to get in and out of some of the cockpits that visitors were allowed in to.

Photo: spitfire at Yorkshire Air MuseumPhoto: Harrier at Yorkshire Air MuseumPhoto: Mosquito restoration "Spirit of Val" at Yorkshire Air MuseumWe had a nice Sunday lunch and the air museum and they headed back to York and parked by Micklegate to go shopping and sightseeing. I ended up buying two more hats at my favourite hat shop before buying a couple of Subs and a bottle of wine to have back at boarding house.



This morning we wandered over the the National Railway Museum, where we spent an hour or so looking at the various train exhibits. Parts of the museum were being renovated and so were inaccessible to visitors.

We jumped on the tour bus that stopped nearby and did a lap of the city, stopping off at a few locations, including the York Minster where a wedding was taking place. As usual I "papped" a few photos on the bride and groom as they posed for the official photographer.

While once again trying to get in to the excellently named "Merchant Adventurers' Hall", only to find that it was again closed for yet another wedding, I wandered out the other side on to Fossgate / Walmgate and to my great pleasure discovered a Loch Fyne restaurant.

Leaving my wife to go shopping, I settled down for what I hoped would be a nice seafood lunch at Loch Fyne. As the lunch time rush was just ending I had to wait at the bar for a table to be cleared so I ordered the first of a few beers. After I was shown to my table I ordered a starter and a main course and settled in to enjoy the meal.

The first course came quickly enough, but there was an awfully long wait for the main course. At first I wasn't too bothered, but I did end up wondering if I'd actually ordered a main course. I still had cutlery for a main course, so I reckoned I must have ordered one. Eventually a waitress came over, apologised for the delay and offered me a free beer while I waited. I'd just about finished this beer by the time my main course arrived so I ordered another beer to enjoy with my fish. Despite the the huge gap between courses I'd enjoyed my meal and decided that I'd eat there again.

After the meal I met up with my wife for some more sight seeing and in the evening we went for an Indian meal in one of the many restaurants on Micklegate. While the meal itself was OK, the atmosphere was rather spoiled by a very drunk family who may have been to a funeral earlier that day.