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Entries from March 1, 2006 - March 31, 2006


Isle of Man to Ironbridge

We got up early for the 8.45 sailing but when we arrived at the port we found that it was delayed until 2pm. We all went back home again and then checked in at 1pm for the 2pm sailing. The sailing wasn’t too bad once we’d cleared Douglas Bay. We had booked cabins on the Ben My Chree but that was being serviced and we had to use the SeaCat instead. I’m not convinved the the extra payment for First Class on the SeaCat is worth it. When we arrived at Heysham we had a two and a half drive down the M6/M54 to Ironbridge and we arrived at about 7:30. The delayed sailing means we’d lost about 6 hours in Ironbridge. We had our evening meal in the hotel, unfortunately it was nouvelle cuisine - I hate that style of presentation. The room was a bit hot and noisy, with creaking floors above us.


I can't believe what a cold March we've had this year. It's snowed several times and at night the temperature if often down around freezing. Last year we were enjoying day time temperatures of around 17c and we're barely reaching 5c at the moment.

I don't know what it's doing to the frog spawn and fish. I've hardly seen any fish this year. It looks like some tadpoles have hatched but I don't know if they'll survive these very cold March temperatures.