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Entries from March 1, 2008 - March 31, 2008


More Nikon Lenses

After reading this thread over at Nikon Cafe I though I'd give the Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 AF-S Fisheye lens a go so I headed over to Grays of Westminster and saw they had a mint second hand one in stock so I ordered it, along with the MB D10 grip and an extra battery.

As usual the service and delivery from Grays was excellent and the items were delivered the next day. The battery grip makes the D300 feel a lot more balanced and a better fir in my hand, although the camera now does feel a lot heavier. Unlike the Canon grips I'm more used to where both batteries fit in the grip and Nikon only has one battery in the grip and the other battery still lives in the camera. This might be a bit more hassle when it comes to charging the batteries.

The 10.5 fish eye is obviously very wide and I'm currently using Image Trends Fisheye-Hemi software to provide some correction to the images produced by the lens.

Gardening with a chainsaw

I spent a few hours today "pruning" the second of the two trees in our garden. Like before, I'd borrowed a truck, trailer and chain saw off a friend and set to work lopping off the limbs. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of shade in the garden and help reduce my moss problem. It should also allow more sun to reach the chairs on the decking so we can hopefully enjoy a good summer.

Aperture v Lightroom

I finally got around to trying Aperture 2 and I must admit that I'm disappointed by it. Perhaps I was expecting some wonderful Mac like experience, perhaps I was just expecting too much? I can't honestly see how it is better than Lightroom and I can't see me switching any time soon. I know Lightroom has the different modules and that some people don't like them, but hey, I do like them and I think it helps my workflow. I also notice that a few Lightroom features have been copied over in to Aperture. To some extent I think it depends on which program you started out with will be the one you like best, bus I can understand how users of Aperture 1.5 were frustrated by the lack of updates and switched over to Lightroom. I'll maybe try it a few more times before the 30 day trial runs out but I fully expect I'll be deleting it rather than splashing out and buying it, even at the new reduced price.