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Old Family Headstone

I got up just as my wife left for work and went to the gym. Afterwards I swapped cars to take the Boxster out for a spin and went home to have breakfast before heading out to get fuel, look at lawnmowers at B&Q and then head out through Foxdale to Kirk Michael where I visited the cemetery to take some photos of our oldest known Caine family grave.

It's an old slate headstone from 1724 and I'm surprised it's still left standing amongst the newer headstones.

Photo: John Caine's headstone, Kirk Michael

John Caine of Bp Court land here buried Jan 7 1724
Also Thomas Caine his son who Dy Jan 15 1778 Aged ?? Years

After spending about half an hour taking photos in the cemetery and keeping a wary eye on the resident loaghtan sheep I headed into Ramsey and then back home over the mountain road. I was surprised that there was still plenty of snow at the sides of the road, it looked over four foot deep in places .