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Entries from May 1, 2006 - May 31, 2006


Canon EOS IX

I bought a Canon EOS IX APS camera today. This was Canon's try at an APS format camera in a SLR body that takes EOS fit lenses

Canon T80

Bought a Canon T80 on Ebay this afternoon. This was Canon's first try at an auto focus SLR with a big ugly lens attached to the SLR body.

The Grove Museum

It was sunny on my day off for a change, probably the best day of the week weather wise. I spent the morning doing various jobs in the garden and then picked my parents up to take the to the Grove Museum in Ramsey.

There's not a great deal there to keep you occupied for more than half an hour so after that we headed out to Jurby to take a drive past the new prison. It's quite a big site and should be a good replacement for the old Victorian prison that we currently have. It's a pity that we have to spend so much on prisons though.

We then headed to Kirk Michael to see the church and graveyard. Our oldest known relative is buried there, with a crude slate stone as a headstone, which looks out of place amongst the newer shaped head stones.

We then headed back through Ramsey to go to Laxey to look at the new Snaefell Wheel project where the old wheel from the Snaefell mine is being rebuilt on the washing floors in the glen valley

Resolutions? Pfft!

Well, that didn't last long. Today I've bought a Canon T70, a Canon Demi half frame camera and a Chinon EE. The last two were bought off people on the Nelsonfoto Forums. I bought the half frame Canon off Jon Goodman, the person who supplies the excellent light seal kits under the name of "interslice" on Ebay

Maxtor 500GB Drive

My wife had recently been away on a course for work and she visited the Apple store in the Trafford Centre in Manchester. She bought a Maxtor 500GB drive for me, to replace the broken LaCie drive.

I installed it tonight and ran a disk test on it to check the surface was 100% OK before backing up the data and photos from my iMac to it