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Entries from May 1, 2011 - May 31, 2011


Rough Crossing Home

We did a lot more walking around Liverpool today, taking in the little gem that is the Western Approaches Museum, the faded glory of the Adelphi Hotel, and the general melee of the Red Hot World Buffet at lunch time before watching "Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides 3D" at the Odeon.

In the evening we endured a terrible crossing back to the Isle of Man on the Steam Packet's Manannan fast craft. We spent a couple of hours in the Mersey, waiting for the storm to abate, before heading off up the coast for a long time before eventually turning and heading over the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man. What should have been two and a half hour journey anded up being nearly seven hours and we were very glad to eventually get off and head home to bed



Today was a day of being a tourist in Liverpool. We did the bus tour again, had a lap on the Liverpool Wheel, generally walked around and ended up again in Wagamama and saw Blitz at the Odeon.



We packed and checked out of the Leopold hotel in Sheffield to spend a couple of nights at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool. We did the usual Liverpool 1 things; a meal at Wagamama, saw Thor at the Odeon cinema and then to my surprise my wife bought the largest, highest spec Apple iMac at the Apple shop. She's always had Windows PCs up to now, but I think the iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air had convinced her to try a Mac desktop. It nearly killed my carrying it back to out hotel.


Peak District

It was looking a bit overcast and damp this morning, so rather than do more walking around Sheffield we decided to get the car out of the nearby car park and head off out from a drive in the Peak District. We visited the Riley Graves, Eyam Church, Buxton gardens and my favourite, the National Tramway Museum.

The weather was a bit foul at the tram museum so my wife sat in the car and watched some episodes of Frasier on her iPhone while I wandered around the museum and associated period buildings before taking a ride on an old Glasgow tram on their short run of track.

Heading back to the hotel I successfully managed to negotiate the various detours and closed roads around the hotel. Spending some time walking the area yesterday seems to have paid off and I didn't waste an hour going around in circles.



This morning we went for another walk around Sheffield, taking in the Winter Garden, the Millennium Gallery and the train station before going for lunch and drinks again at the Bessemer pub. A further stroll in the afternoon built up just enough appetite to visit the nearby Wagamama in the evening. It wasn't the most exciting of days but it gave my wife a chance to upwind and relax from the stresses of her work.