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Entries from November 1, 2006 - November 30, 2006


Tynwald Elections 2006

We had the elections for our parliament, Tynwald, yesterday. For the first time in about 30 years I didn't get to vote as it seems I've dropped off the electoral role.

The results were as follows -

Ayre - 1 Seat
Eddie Teare Unopposed Elected

Castletown - 1 Seat
Tony Brown 915 Elected
Roy Redmayne 335

Douglas East - 2 Seats
Phil Braidwood 777 Elected
Brenda Cannell 728 Elected
Carol Jempson 189
Steve Osbourne 194
Bill Platt 252
Chris Robertshaw 574

Douglas North - 2 Seats
Mark Atherton 290
Mike Coleman 688
Bill Henderson 1627 Elected
John Houghton 1615 Elected

Douglas South - 2 Seats
David Buttery 829
Rodney Clarke 361
David Cretney 1873 Elected
Phil Kermode 399
Bill Malarkey 873 Elected
Frank Schuengel 219

Douglas West - 2 Seats
Roland Ardern-Corris 518
Geoff Cannel 692
Geoff Corkish 1248 Elected
John Shimmin 1009 Elected

Garff - 1 Seat
Nigel Dobson 524
Steve Rodan 1400 Elected

Glenfaba - 1 Seat
David Anderson 760 Elected
Geoffrey Boot 529

Malew & Santon - 1 Seat
Graham Cregeen 573 Elected
Andrew Douglas 439
Carol Kermode 258

Michael - 1 Seat
Ron Berry 329
David Cannan 1062 Elected

Middle - 1 Seat
Kate Beecroft 548
Andrew Jessop 413
Martyn Quayle 963 Elected

Onchan - 3 Seats
Steve Babb 1047
Andrew Dossor 601
Adrian Earnshaw 2078 Elected
Peter Karran 2600 Elected
Brian Stowell 1373
David Quirk 1565 Elected

Peel - 1 Seat
Tim Crookall 839 Elected
Rodger Gimbert 321
Hazel Hannan 712

Ramsey - 2 Seats
Allan Bell 1768 Elected
Anne Craine 1969 Elected
Nigel Malpass 673
Leonard Singer 1621

Rushen - 3 Seats
Phil Crellin 1432
Phil Gawne 1794 Elected
Quintin Gill 1689 Elected
John Rimington 1048
Adrian Tinkler 934
Juan Watterson 2430 Elected
Tony Wright 1000

Northline @ deviantART

I was browsing the Manxies forum tonight and found a link to a wonderful gallery of local photos by a guy with the handle "Northline" on the deviantART website.

It's a very impressive portfolio and well worth a look. It serves to remind me that it's worth getting out to take some photos when the day is a bit overcast and cloudy.

A weekend in Liverpool (Postscript)

I slept like a log last night, from as soon as my head hit the pillow until the alarm went off this morning. The problem was that I didn't feel rested at all, and I felt very tired at work all day. I even fell asleep twice in the afternoon at work, something I've never done before. I can only assume that it's down to haven taken three Strugeron tablets the day before. I'll have to hope that I don't need any on our next sailing on Christmas Eve as I can't afford to feel drowsy on the drive to Newcastle

A weekend in Liverpool (Day 2)

I was disturbed a couple of times during the night by people chatting outside the hotel. It seems our room is at the front, right over the entrance, and people would sometimes talk quite loudly while they were waiting for a transfer to the nearby airport. We also had a false fire alarm at around 8.00am which woke us up with a bit of a start.

I had my favourite breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausages, the works, and we packed, checked out and headed for Manchester and the Trafford Centre. I spent a while in the Apple shop while my wife shopped and then we did a bit of scouting for out Christmas break and checked out the location of the Imperial War Museum (North) and other sights we wanted to see.

We weren’t too sure if the return sailing by SeaCat from Liverpool would go ahead due to the weather, of if we’d have to head back up to Heysham for the overnight sailing, so we headed back to Liverpool in good time to check.

A friend of mine was coming over on the afternoon sailing so we phoned him to check if he’d sailed on the SeaCat and he had, although the crossing was a bit rough and it was due to get worse.

As we had an hour to fill in we went to the Chinese restaurant in front of the Three Graces for a meal and it was better than I thought it would be. It probably wasn’t the wisest choice before a rough sea crossing though…

Not too long after the meal we were all boarded and off into the rough seas. The forecast was for force 7 rising to force 8 later and I was surprised the SeaCat sailed as I thought force 6 was its limit. Once out of the shelter of Liverpool bay the boat started its horrible corkscrew motion and people started being sick. I’d take a couple of Stugeron for the first time in my life and was praying that I wouldn’t be sick. The bloated stomach from the Chinese meal wasn’t helping and I was dying to go to the toilet but I didn’t dare as I knew they would be full of people puking their guts up.

After what seemed like an eternity we eventually arrived back in Douglas harbour, but they couldn’t open the front loading door so they had to turn the boat around and use the back door. This meant that we were about an hour late disembarking and I was never so glad to get off as I was that night.

A weekend in Liverpool (Day 1)

We were booked on the morning SeaCat sailing to Liverpool, but the recent bad weather made me doubtful that it would sail in those conditions, as I believe it is limited for force 6 or less. We checked in at the normal time and were not surprised to hear that the sailing was cancelled and we would be transferred to the Ben My Chree sailing to Heysham, which is about a one and a half hour drive further north than Liverpool.

The sailing itself wasn’t bad at all, we had the wind behind us, and with a following sea the boat was very steady. Half way across I had a big breakfast to set me up for the rest of the day.

We docked at Heysham and decided to go to Southport on the way down to Liverpool. Like any seaside town in the winter it was a bit depressing on the seafront, everywhere seemed closed down and a fierce wind was blowing off the Irish Sea.

We then headed for Crosby to see the “Another Place” exhibition one more time before it moves to New York. This time we were at the north end of the display area, which was easier to get to and had convenient parking. The wind was still blowing about force 7 – 8, whipping up spray and sand off the beach, and making it quite hard to hold a camera steady enough to take a decent photo.

As it was too wild and windy to enjoy being out on Crosby promenade we decided to head for out hotel for the night, The Marriott Liverpool South hotel, probably better known to most people as the old Speke airport building. The hotel is about five miles south of Liverpool city centre and has a small retail park opposite. The hotel itself is a wonderful art deco building and our executive room had one of the largest beds I’ve ever seen. We had a rest before going down to the restaurant and enjoyed a decent meal before retiring for the night.