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Entries from November 1, 2007 - November 30, 2007


Italian Job – Dover to Isle of Man

We had yet another early start for a long drive back to Liverpool to catch our ferry home. We travelled with Carl and Angie right to the Steam Packet terminal where we said out thanks and goodbyes. The SeaCat was running late and we didn’t get home to the Isle of Man until 11.20pm.

We were both timed but had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We covered 3,253 road miles since leaving home two weeks earlier and had raised over £6,000 for the National Children’s Home and The Isle of Man Children’s Centre charities due to our very generous supporters, whom we thank very much.


Italian Job – Reims to Dover

We had to set off fairly early today as we had to be at Calais by 11:30am. It was luck we’d all set off early as there were quite a few breakdowns on the route including the service van itself. Some of them were electrical faults which Ian managed to sort and other included low oil and dirt in the fuel system. All of the breakdowns were fixed and we all made it to the Calais ferry terminal in time for the sailing

On arrival at Dover, as Italian Job tradition dictates, we all left the ferry with horns blaring out and lights flashing as we disembarked. We had a short run to our police rendezvous place outside Dover and were the escorted en mass to the finish of the Job on the promenade in Dover. This was no exiting run as in Turin but was a very slow and boring procession instead. I think the British police could learn a few lessons from the more excitable and flamboyant Italian police

We were quite a while on the promenade at Brighton so we followed our noses and bought a portion of chips while we were waiting

In the evening we had the grand finale dinner, which was another black tie affair. None of the lottery tickets that we’d sold to family and friends were winners and we’d finished the event just inside the top ten in ninth position

Italian Job – Annecy to Reims

Today we had a long journey of around 340 miles to Reims which took most of the day. Upon our arrival we were taken on a tour of the house of MUM, a champagne and wine company, which was quite interesting. We booked into our hotel and, after a drink at the bar a group of us went in search of an evening meal. We found a brilliant Canada Venture restaurant and indulged ourselves with more steaks.

Italian Job - Turin to Annecy

We are now officially "Off the Job", all of the timed stages and navigational runs have finished. Our destination for the day was Annecy in France, about 140 miles away, and we had all day to do it.

As the city seemed very quiet this morning we decided to take in a few of the sites from the film. First we walked to the nearby Palazzo Vela aviation museum with the huge curved roof that the Italian police car chased the Minis on. We then drove to the church to see where the Minis drove down the steps of the entrance to the church. Nearby was the weir where the Mini cars drove through and the chasing Italian Alfa sank into the river.

We then drove south alongside the river to pick up the autostrada to head north to Annecy and arrived at our hotel late afternoon. We had a quick look around the town and its wonderful canal system and picturesque streets. There wasn’t an organised group evening meal so Ian and I sought out a bustling little restaurant and enjoyed some steak and chips, washed down with some beer.