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Entries from November 1, 2008 - November 30, 2008


Prospect and Paparazzi

I left work early at 4:30 pm to walk down to the Prospect to meet some friends. We had several beers and then walked to Paparazzi for our usual Friday pizza and a few more beers.

Faced with the choice of either rushing to catch the early bus or having to wait a couple of hours for the next bus we decided to get a taxi home. It dropped me off first in Onchan and then my friend in Maughold.

I'd hate to think how much that cost; cheaper than losing your licence though.

Jessops and Boots

My wife was still away on a course in London. I went down town and called into Jessops to see how my order for a Canon 5d MkII was progressing. They said they now expected stock on 5th December.

Fingers crossed.

I then walked to Newsons to get some walking boots and shoes for upcoming Christmas holiday in Switzerland.

Sunday Drive

I took our Boxster out for a run by myself this morning. I called in unannounced on one of my cousins and his wife and met their two children for the first time. After a longer than expected visit I returned home and picked up my wife and we headed off for a drive down to Langness. We came home via the Ballamodha and now have 1600 miles on the clock.

Ordered a Canon 5D MkII

I ordered a Canon 5D MkII camera and 24-105 lens kit from Jessops. I'd been wavering about whether to buy one or not for a while and my dear wife finally talked me into getting one

I then took our Porsche Boxster out for a drive. I went south along the Old Castletown Road to Ballasalla, then up the Ballamodha, which is fast becoming one of my favourite bits of road for a quick blast.

At St Johns I followed the TT Course north to Ramsey and then another quick blast back of the the mountain road to home.

We've now done 1500 miles in the car so it's getting closer to being run in