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We had a far better night's sleep and woke a lot fresher this morning. We had breakfast around 08:30 to avoid the 09:00 rush and as we were heading out at 10:30 we were amazed to see a large queue to get in for breakfast. It looked like some people would be waiting for 15 - 20 minutes before they could be seated for breakfast.

We took a taxi to the Riverside Museum to see the contents of the transport museum. I believe this used to be situated by the Kelvin museum but it had been closed the last two years when we had visited Glasgow.

Contrary to our taxi driver not being too impressed by it, I thought it was a wonderful exhibition. I absolutely love old street reconstructions with shops and other building you can go in to and thought this was really well done. There was an impressive collection of cars and bikes, mostly on shelves attached to the walls. It would have been nice to be able to look closer at these cars as it was harder to see the ones on the upper shelves but I suppose space constraints would have made this difficult. Make sure to check out the upper level of the museum as the lift and the stairs aren't very obvious and easy for some people to miss.

We took another taxi to the Glasgow Quay area where we had a Chinese buffet and a few beers before spending the next few ideas watching a couple of films in the Odeon cinema. I managed to fall asleep and snore during both The Descendants and Sherlock Holmes films.


Wedgewood and Dreams

We checked out this morning and along with our luggage we seemed to have accumulated a lot of carrier bags. The hotel doorman asked if we were planning to get all our cases and shopping bags in the car with us as there seemed to be a huge amount to squeeze in but we eventually managed it and headed off and drove to the Wedgwood factory museum where we stopped for a tour and lunch.

After that we headed off the find Dreams, some arty sculpture that my wife had read about. It was meant to be near St Helens and overlooking the M62 and it took a lot of finding; we were almost giving up at one point. We eventually parked in a pub car park that seemed to double up a car park for the attraction and once we'd got past the confusing signage we were eventually on the path through some moorland and trees. It was quite an impressive sight once we found it although the perspective look a bit odd from some angles.

Photo: Dreams near St Helens / M62  It's a pity it's not more visible from the motorway; you really have to know where and when to look to see it. Once you're next to it you can't see it for the trees, you can only really get glimpses of it as you approach or depart.

Photo: The World at Liverpool

We headed off to Liverpool  and as there seemed to be a traffic on the roads we decided to head straight for the boat and give more shopping a miss. We didn't have any more room in the car either. While waiting for the Seacat home we couldn't help but notice "The World" moored on the cruise berth, its bow looming over the Steam Packet's boarding ramp.



Route 66 (Day 2) - Chicago

It was a long night, over 12 hours due to the time change. We could hear the L trains running and the inevitable police and ambulance sirens. The hotel itself was nice and quiet though and we didn’t hear a sound from other hotel guests. Our bedroom looks out over the Sears Tower, The L and Harold’s Chicken Shack. (I wonder if they deliver?)

Watching the news this morning on television and it’s all about politics, rising food prices and rising fuel prices, interspersed with adverts for big fuel thirsty cars that do (gasp!) 23 miles per gallon, and they seem proud of the fuel “efficiency”.

We walked down towards the river to do the river and lake tour and stopped off for breakfast on the way. The boat was quite full. My mother sat upstairs, I stood upstairs and my wife sat downstairs at the back. Towards the end of the tour we wend down to sit together.

Photo: Chicago boat tour

After the boat tour we took an open top bus tour and stopped for lunch at the Water Tower. My wife stayed to do some shopping and my mother and I took the next bus back to the hotel for a rest. I was taking some photos of the Hilton hotel lobby just as my wife walked in. We then popped out to look at the empty Buckingham Fountain, perhaps we’ll be here when it’s running one day?

We walked up to the Bean, my wife bought some more bits from Walgreens and we stopped to look at the photo waterfalls before buying some whisky on the way back to the hotel. We only had time fro a quick freshen up before taking a taxi to the Weber Grill, where we had a 7:30 reservation. We had a pitcher of margarita again, plus a couple of beers and a good meal. We took another taxi back to the hotel, and had a look at the magnificent old ballroom before going to bed for the night. The television news was of tornados and storms on our route, hopefully it will have passed by the time we get there.

Photo: Cloud Gate / The Bean