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Canon S95 ordered

I'd so far managed to hold off the temptation to upgrade my Canon S90 to the new S95 and my Canon G9 to the latest G12 model. I wasn't using my G9 very much as it was too big to be easily pocketable and really needed to be carried in a bag. I don't know if I'll every use it again, although it may be a good camera to leave in a car so you always have a camera with you when you go out. The S90 tends to live in my jacket pocket so it's nearly always nearby during the day and on nights out.

While surfing the web tonight on my iPad I happened to find David Pogue's love letter to the Canon S95 and purely out of curiosity I decided to check the current price on Amazon. My wife had seen this over my shoulder and asked what I was buying so I explained that I wasn't buying anything, I'd just read the "lover letter" and just wondered how much a Canon S95 cost now. I handed the iPad over to her so she could read the letter for herself.

After a while she asked me if I wanted the huge T Bone steak she'd bought for me - I obviously said yes! I do really appreciate that my wife, who has been a vegetarian for over 40 years, buys and cooks lovely steaks for me and she went out into the kitchen to cook it.

While she was cooking an email arrived from Amazon confirming the order for the Canon S95 she'd ordered for me.

Steak and a S95? Can't be bad!


Canon S90

I bought a Canon S90 today. After seeing my wife's Canon Ixus 100 I was quite taken by the small pocketable for factor. My G9 is a little large to just slip in a pocket on a night out or just when you want to travel light around a city. I knew there was a small Canon with a decent lens that shot RAW and eventually tracked it down as the S90 model. Looking at various reviews and photo samples on the Canon Digital Photography Forums showed that it was a capable little camera, although my first impression is that it over exposes a little.


Canon 7D

I / We bought a Canon 7D today. Nominally it's my wife's camera, but I reckon I'll get some good use out of it. It seems to handle better than my Canon 5D MkII and has better video options.
The rain was really heavy all day and there was bad flooding in Cumbria



I checked our small pond today and was pleasantly surprised to see how many tadpoles had made it through the cold spell.

The shallow end was a mass of tadpoles. I'm slightly worried that they won't all find enough to eat and will start eating each other soon. I tried a little flaked fish food, but I think they're still too young to eat that yet.

I tried videoing the mass of tadpoles with our little Flip MinoHD camera. I wasn't too happy with the result; the close up focus wasn't too good, so I re-shot it with my Canon 5D Mk II.

I think the tadpoles were massed in the very shallow water as it would be warm from the sun. I noticed that later in the day, when the sun had gone down a bit, they had mostly moved away into the deeper water.



We went for another drive in the Boxster to Langness. I'd brought my new Canon 5D MkII and Oregon GPS as I wanted to try out geotagging using a seperate GPS unit and not one that was attached to the camera.

I went for a short walk out to the old Herring Tower and and then to near the lighthouse where Jeremey Clarkson owns the buildings and surrounding land.

We then drove to the Sound, but it was busy as usual so we headed off to Niarbyl for soup and a baked potato for lunch and then we drove home.

I copied the GPS track log in to Google Earth and was pleased to see that it showed the route we had driven that day. I then loaded the GPS track and photos into Houdah Geo to see how it synced the GPS data and photos. While it was fairly accurate it was apparent that I needed sync the times of the camera and GPS together more accurately for better results.

Photo: GPS track log in Google Earth