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We had a far better night's sleep and woke a lot fresher this morning. We had breakfast around 08:30 to avoid the 09:00 rush and as we were heading out at 10:30 we were amazed to see a large queue to get in for breakfast. It looked like some people would be waiting for 15 - 20 minutes before they could be seated for breakfast.

We took a taxi to the Riverside Museum to see the contents of the transport museum. I believe this used to be situated by the Kelvin museum but it had been closed the last two years when we had visited Glasgow.

Contrary to our taxi driver not being too impressed by it, I thought it was a wonderful exhibition. I absolutely love old street reconstructions with shops and other building you can go in to and thought this was really well done. There was an impressive collection of cars and bikes, mostly on shelves attached to the walls. It would have been nice to be able to look closer at these cars as it was harder to see the ones on the upper shelves but I suppose space constraints would have made this difficult. Make sure to check out the upper level of the museum as the lift and the stairs aren't very obvious and easy for some people to miss.

We took another taxi to the Glasgow Quay area where we had a Chinese buffet and a few beers before spending the next few ideas watching a couple of films in the Odeon cinema. I managed to fall asleep and snore during both The Descendants and Sherlock Holmes films.


Home from Leeds

As we were packing at getting ready to leave York and head home we heard that the M62 blocked crash. We ended up taking a rather convoluted route through Harrogate, Leeds, Bradford before arriving at Liverpool where we just had time for lunch at Wagamamma and then watched "X Men First Class" at the Odeon cinema in Liverpool 1 before catching the boat home.



We packed and checked out of the Leopold hotel in Sheffield to spend a couple of nights at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool. We did the usual Liverpool 1 things; a meal at Wagamama, saw Thor at the Odeon cinema and then to my surprise my wife bought the largest, highest spec Apple iMac at the Apple shop. She's always had Windows PCs up to now, but I think the iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air had convinced her to try a Mac desktop. It nearly killed my carrying it back to out hotel.


New Year's Eve in London

I don't like London. I've tried to like it, but for some reason I can't. It seems to be a bit of a Disneyland of a city and I can't get on with it. We took yet another interminable bus tour of the city, which must be our third or fourth by now and afterwards we returned to the hotel and I dozed on the bed while my wife went shopping.

Around 6pm we though we'd better get a meal as the restaurants were likely to be full on New Year's Eve. We didn't fancy a full blown restaurant meal, but wanted something a little better than a Big Mac so we ended up going to a nearby Scotch Steak House, which was an interesting experience.

I'd not been in one before and was interested in the variety of diners that evening. There was a group of the local youth, dressed in their best hoodies for the occasion, polishing off fish and chips washed down with disgusting fizzy lager (I made the mistake of trying one). On another table were a father, mother and precocious teenage daughter. She was banging on about the "uneducated masses", all the while gripping her BlackBerry as if her life depended on it. I couldn't wait to get out of the place.

We had tickets for The 39 Steps at the Criterion Theatre. The theatre seemed unusual in that it was all below ground. You had to go downstairs to the boxes and dress circle, and even further downstairs to the stalls. They let you take drinks to your seats as long as you had them in plastic cups so we ordered a round and also some mulled wine for the interval.

I took my seat and was astonished to find "Uneducated Masses BlackBerry Girl" from the Scotch Steak House sitting next to me. I was tempted to ask if she'd enjoyed her meal but though better of engaging her in conversation.

The play itself was absolutely wonderful; very well done and funny. It's not worth trying to explain it to anyone, you have to see it for yourself.

After the play we went back to our hotel through the crowds gathering for the New Year's celebrations. We had a few drinks in our room and I was soon fast asleep - only to be woken by the fireworks going off at midnight.

Route 66 (Day 16) - Williams and the Grand Canyon

We didn’t have breakfast today as the motel had very limited facilities. We walked to the train station and booked our tickets for the Grand Canyon Railway.

Photo: Grand Canyon Railway

Before boarding the train we had to watch (endure?) a cowboy scenario with typical over acting characters and a terrible story line. The slow two hour journey to the canyon was punctuated by a terrible singing cowboy and interruptions from the well meaning carriage hostess.

Photo: The Grand Canyon

The canyon itself was spectacular and we all enjoyed it, even though it was slightly overcast. I’d seen if from a helicopter last year, but it was nice to be able to stand at various parts on the rim and take your time to drink in the whole spectacle of the canyon.

Photo: The Grand Canyon

We stopped for lunch at the Bright Angel Lodge when it started to rain. When we came out again it was into bright sunshine so we took some more photos from the rim before boarding the train for the journey back.

Photo: Grand Canyon Railway

This seemed even worse that the outward journey because as well as having the same cowboy sing the exact same songs as before there was also the “train robbery” – I pretended to be asleep through it all so they wouldn’t bother me. I think the couple of beers I’d had at lunchtime also helped. I’m beginning to think that beer and altitude don’t mix too well, al least not until you’re acclimatised to the altitude.

After departing the train my mother was a bit breathless when we walked back to the motel so she stayed in for the evening while my wife and I walked along our street, which seemed to be the main street in Williams. When we returned to the motel my wife stayed in to watch Silence of the Lambs on television and I went across the road to a steak house and had fish and baked potato and another beer.