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Munich to Isle of Man

Saturday 3 January

We took the subway and train to the airport for our flight home. Because of the low temperatures and snow the plane had to be de-iced before we could take off.

Because of this delay we arrived at Gatwick about one hour late and even though we rushed like mad we missed our connecting flight home. And there were no more flights to the Isle of Man that day As we were still "in transit" with British Airways they flew us to Manchester where we caught a flight to the Isle of Man

Munich (Day 7)

We went to the Residenz and had a look around the Treasury and the other rooms. The Treasury was quite interesting bad but there were too many other rooms to look around and they were a bit boring after a while.

We walked back to Marienplatz and then my wife went shopping while I went to the Stadtmuseum. On the way back to Marienplatz I went to go up the tower of Peterskirch but because of my chest infection I got extremely breathless and a bit distressed on the way up. In the end I had to stop, rest and come back down without getting to the top of the church tower.

After meeting up with my wife again we went to go to the Ocean 3D show at the Imax but after queuing for a while the show was full. So we went back to the hotel.

Munich (Day 6)

Thursday 1 January 2004

After breakfast we took the subway to Marienplatz to try to visit the same museum as yesterday. It turned out that it didn't open until midday so we got the subway to the Olympic Park and wandered around in the thick snow for a while. We then realised that this was where the "Munich Massacre" had happened at the Olympics in 1972

We'd noticed on out map that the BMW Museum was nearby so we walked to the famous building and took the museum tour. After that we took the subway to Koenigplatz to take some photos and video of the buildings. We then had the by now customary chips and sandwich / sausage roll at the main station and returned to the hotel tired and cold.

Munich (Day 5)

We took the subway to Sendlinger Tor to go to a museum that turned out to be closed. We then walked to the Viktualien Market, which turns out to be very close to the Maredo and Marienplatz. We then walked down the shopping street and found this takes us to the skating rink at Karlsplatz, which was only another short walk from Hauptbanhof. It seems like we're starting to get the layout of this part of centre of the Munich.

I bought some more DVDs and we stopped at a Burger King for something to eat and then returned to the hotel

In the evening we went to Maredo and a few other restaurants but they were all full and reservations only. Of course, it was New Year's Eve!

We went to the skating rink but it was also closed. Eventually we went to the main station and had chips with some last minute travellers and dropouts and then took some rolls back to the hotel to have with some wine that we'd bought earlier.

It wasn't quite the New Year's eve that we'd expected, but it wasn't too bad in the end as we watched fireworks being set off in the falling snow from our bedroom window

Munich (Day 4)

We decided to go to Dachau. We'd been to Sachsenhausen when we were in Berlin but unlike that guided tour we were doing this by ourselves and it was a bit of an epic getting there and it was also very cold.

We had a look around the snow covered camp at Dachau. It's always depressing to see how man can treat fellow beings. After a look at the camp and various exhibitions we made our way back by train and had a very welcome hot chocolate and eats at our usual place in the main station.

We went to Cast for our evening meal and quite enjoyed it. As it was a bit of a damp evening we went back to the hotel to get an early night.