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IAM Test

I had my IAM test this morning. I met the IAM examiner at Onchan Precinct car park and first he checked my documents. I'd previously noted that as well as my car, motorcycle and HGV passes I also seem to have acquired PSV and a few others I'd never taken. The examiner commented that he'd been interested in meeting me as he hadn't met many people with the "full set".

We soon set off, or we would have done if I hadn't stalled for the first time in ages.

Putting that behind me we did a bit of a mixed roads route both in town and some country roads. We discovered that we both loved road trips in the USA and we spend most of the time chatting about various routes we'd driven and routes we wanted to drive. At times I forgot I was on my IAM test.
We then had a quick blast up to the Creg Ny Baa and then turned off on the back road to Whitebridge. This suited me fine as I'd practiced on these exact same roads the previous two nights.  The first fast run up to the Creg was completely spoiled by a motorcycle that overtook me before the 40 mph limit ended and then pootled up at about 50 mph with the cars coming the other way making a safe overtake impossible. The examiner commented that it was a pity the run was spoiled so we looked at each other, he nodded, I smiled and we went back down to try again. I had a good fast run down, putting in a safe overtake before Brandish and making sure I slowed right down before the 40 mph limit. At the bottom we Hillberry around and had an unhindered run back up to the Creg, topping out at about 110 mph.

The back roads to Whitebridge were taken mainly in fourth gear (out of six) with the examiner commenting how beautifully flexible the gearing was.

We were soon back at the precinct car park and to my pleasure and slight surprise he passed me with an above average mark. I was well chuffed!



I'd hoped for a fast open country drive today to get my hand in at "making progress" and was happy to be paired up with Noel for today's session.

We headed out through Foxdale to the Round Table, making progress at over 100 mph in parts and then dropped down the Sloc and drove back through Ballabeg and Ballalsalla.

In the afternoon we went out to Tynwald Mills and Peel



I had my eighth IAM session today and it was my second time out with a Police Class 1 driver. I didn't feel so nervous this time. Aster a brief chat before we started I drove out to Braaid crossroads, then turned right down to Glen Vine and back to Braddan bridge, where we turned left and went up to the Greg ny Baa. I missed an obvious overtaking opportunity before brandish; I was expecting the car in front to have accelerated once we were in the de restricted zone and when it didn't I dither too much about whether to pass it. In the end I waited unti, after the corner and then accelerated up to 100 mph before slowing and turning off on to the back roads at the Creg. I then did my usual steady and smooth driving on the back roads rather that point and squirt followed by heavy braking for the corners which makes my wife car sick.

At the end of the session we had a demo drive in the unmarked Police Ford Focus. Christ that car was quick! I didn't realise they had a 2.5 litre turbo engine and the police driver certainly knew how to use it.

We had a debrief after the demo drive. The policeman said I was a safe, smooth driver with plenty of vehicle appreciation, I just needed to pick up the pace a bit where applicable. It seems odd having a policeman tell me to drive faster.

As it was a glorious sunny day now my wife and I went to Tynwald Mills again, I bought three Rohan shirts for my upcoming holiday in Egypt; a t shirt, a polo shirt and long sleeve shirt at a total cost of £117. Gulp, these shirts are damn expensive. I consoled myself by parking on Peel breakwater and having another crab baps and Bovril.



My seventh Institute of Advanced Motorsist session. This time I was with Phil Colvin and we drove out along the Old Castletown road to Ballasalla, then to St Marks and back to the start. We then drove the saem rouyte, this time in Phil Colvin's car.



I had my sixth IAM session today; this time with someone new to me, Alan. We drove to St Johns, then took the Poortown Road to Peel, the main road back to St Johns then though Foxdale and back to base. It seemed to go OK; Alan says I'm test ready although I'm not too sure myself. One thing I learned with Alan
In afternoon drove back to peel with my wife and parked at Fenella beach. I walked around harbour while my wife read a book in the car. It looks like the Peel marina scheme is bringing some life back into Peel and the pedestrain bridge over the water retaining gate near the harbour mouth makes it a lot easier to move between the promenade and the castle and breakwater.
We had to go back through Foxdale again as the main road was closed due to an accident at Crosby.