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iPad 3 v iPad 1

We received our two iPad 3's yesterday (for the sake of clarity I'll call in an iPad 3 and not just an iPad) and I resisted the temptation to open them at work, where they were delivered to, and instead waited until the evening where I could open them at home with my wife.

After syncing our iPad 1's to iTunes we then excitedly plugged our iPad 3's in and waited for everything to be copied back over. Once everything had been copied over I picked mine up to start using it. While the screen was undoubtedly better, it didn't really seem that much better. Perhaps I need to have some HD content on it to really appreciate it. My photos looked a bit better but didn't really wow me and I suspect I'll need to re export them at the iPad 3's native resolution to be able to appreciate the difference.

What I did find very disappointing though was the curved edge of the iPad 3. While iPad 2 owners will be used to this, coming from the flat edged iPad 1 I found it very awkward to plug the connector in, to swap out the SIM card and to easily adjust the volume control. The more I try to use it the more I come to hate this aspect of the design and can't understand how Apple came up with such an awkward curved edge on which to place these controls and sockets.

I currently feel very underwhelmed by the iPad 3 and when I went to bed it was my trusty old flat edged iPad 1 that I took with me to catch up on my favourite news feeds and Zite articles.


The new iPad

I spent an hour or so watching the various live blogs of Apple's iPad presentation and as original iPad owners we had decided to upgrade to the latest model. Well, that was the plan anyway, but it was thwarted by the UK apple store being closed all evening as presumably it couldn't handle the traffic placed on its servers.

After spending a fruitless (groan) evening waiting for the store to open I went to bed with my iPad; the plan being that if I woke up in the night I'd check if the store was open and the nip downstairs and order a couple on from my desktop.

Sure enough I woke at 03:00 this morning an checked my Ipad - the UK Apple seemed to be working fine so I sprang out of bed and went downstairs to quickly order two black 64GB wifi and 4G iPads.

A few minuted later they were in my basket and checked out. I decided to leave the issue of covers / cases until the morning.

Later this morning at work I ordered a couple of the plastic smart covers, intending to get a proper sleeve or case once they were being made, and also popped the new model of the Apple TV into my basket on the way to the checkout.


iPad iCloud Syncing

I finally got around to trying to sort my iPad iCloud syncing problem. Basically iCloud syncing wasn't working with Pages and Numbers documents on my iPad, but it working fine between my iPhone and iCloud. When you turned on iCloud syncing in the Settings and then went to Pages and then came back to Settings the iCloud sync was turned off again.

I'd read several support threads where a number of solutions were offered and different solutions seemed to work for different people. The most severe option was to completely wipe and reinstall the iPad and I was keen to avoid that if possible. One interesting looking thread was a bit frustrating in that several different people were saying "that worked for me" or "that made no difference" without referring to which solution they had tried.

In the end the suggestion to disable of remove any other clashing accounts, in my case a dormant Mobile Me account, worked fine for me and was a simple and fast fix. I created and deleted several test documents on my phone, pad and cloud web page and they now all synced perfectly.


Isle of Man to Birmingham

We had a nice calm crossing on the Ben My Chree to Heysham in the UK and then drove south to Birmingham were we were staying for the next four nights. We had previously stayed at the Crown Plaza hotel before for a couple of nights last year on the way home from Brighton. It hadn't been my favourite hotel then, as I felt the location was a bit awkward, but once we'd figured out the way the the Bullring, The Mailbox and Gas Street Basin areas we realised it was quite handy for most places.

After checking in to our executive room on the top floor we wandered down to the Bullring to get something to eat at Urban Pie; something we'd been looking forward to on the drive down. There's something about their pies, mash and gravy, washed down by a beer, that I really like.

I had been quite surprised to see a large queue forming in New Street and snaking into the Bullring arcade and realised if would be for the iPad 2 launch at the Apple store. after our meal I couldn't resist watching the queue and doors opening for half an hour while my wife window shopped. The queue itself attracted quite a crown of onlookers as the Apple staff were encouraging them to do Mexican Waves followed by bouts of "spontaneous" cheering. I'd already decided to skip the iPad 2 as out first generation iPads were still doing what we wanted of them and couldn't see much advantage in upgrading just yet.

In the evening we had a meal at Gourmet Burger in the Mailbox, washed down with a bottle of wine and followed by a pleasant stroll along Gas Street Basin, which is part of Birmingham's canal network and where we'd moored our hired narrow boat for a couple on nights last year.


Times / Sunday Times iPad app

I've tried a few iPhone / iPad newspapers and haven't been impressed with any of them until we recently tried The Times / Sunday Times. Papers such as the Telegraph, Daily Mail and the Sun were fairly static affairs and seemed to be a case of zoom in, read, zoom out, turn page, repeat the whole process again, and weren't a very satisfactory experience.

My wife wanted to try The Times online and while I wasn't too convinced as we hardly ever bothered to read the paper version we had delivered each Sunday, but I have now become converted by the iPad edition of the Times and Sunday Times. The general navigation is good, the text re-flows and even shows different views of the content when you switch between portrait and landscape modes and I've become quite hooked on the concise crossword