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Camp Hamilton

(Later renamed Camp Woods)


The camp was located on the north side of Forest Avenue, between Waupon (now Lincoln) and Hickory Streets. The soldiers' entrance was on Waupun, just north of Forest. The drill and parade grounds were on an open prairie which extended to what is now Johnson Street. The camp was named after the commander of the troops, Colonel Charles S. Hamilton, a resident of Fond du Lac. He had arrived in the spring of 1850, built and resided in a house on the east side of Sophia Street, which was named after his wife. He was a veteran of the Mexican War of 1846 and was also the owner of an oil mill at the time. He held the rank of captain in the regular army in 1847, but resigned his commission in 1849 and moved to Wisconsin. In 1861, he was called upon by the state to make soldiers out of common men and was given the rank of colonel.

The first group of men to arrive at the new training camp was the Green County Volunteers on June 14th, 1861. At that time, only Col. Hamilton and a small staff of officers were present in camp