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Liquidation Of The Tramway Company - 1902


As a result of the failure of Dumbell's Bank, the Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Co., as it then was, was forced into liquidation but the service continued under the liquidator. By January 1902 arrangements for the disposal of the undertaking were nearing completion. The Douglas horse trams and cable cars which the Tramway company had owned were purchased by the Douglas Corporation and the tramways were sold to a syndicate for £252,000. A new company was formed in November of that year and this company, the Manx Electric Railway Co., bought the railway from the syndicate for £364,000.

Under the new ownership the railway prospered and, operating on a more secure basis, improvements were made both to the track and to the rolling stock. The prudent management ensured the future of the line and easy and inexpensive access, over the next fifty years, for the, literally, millions of tourists to the Groudle Glen, the Howstrake Holiday Camp, the golf links, the White City Amusement Park and the other amenities of coastal Onchan.

Following the down-turn in the fortunes of the railway in the fifties, the line was nationalised by the Manx Government in 1957 and continues, perhaps not so much as a means of transport, but as an experience in itself and also as a living museum of railway history.