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John Cain's Letter of 16 March 1862


Camp Hamilton  March 16th


Der Father & Mother

I am Right well and hope this will find you injoying Same Great Blessing.  We left Camp Curtin on last Saturday the 8th and marched into the City and stoped at Coopers Eating Saloon and whent on board of Erusions Line of Steamers and stayed on board all night and then came to the saloon again and had breakwast and then started from the City at eight oclock.  Passed Chester about ten and where Largely Cheered at old Chester.  We arrived in Baltimore about ten oclock and Remained on Board all Night.  Came ashore and had Breakwast and Dinner in Baltimore.  We then whent abord of the Steame Boat Colombus bound for Fortress Monroe arrived here on Thursday morning about ten oclock.

We had a nice time. The wither was very Plesant, all the Boys are in good spirits, ready for action.  We are camp[ed] about ½ Mile Back of the Port.  There is about ten thousand Camp[ed] long side of us.  The ground is nice and dry and the wither very plesant.  The[y] are commencing to garden here.  The land is general Preaty Good, a great man[y] Pine trees.  The[y] are cutting them down for fire wood.  We can see Sewell Point across the river, the rebels fortifications, but the[y] cant do any thing.  General Wool our Commander sent them word if the[y] don’t be still he will shell them out.  New Port News is up the river about 8 miles.  We have the[y] say ten or fifteen thou[sand] ready to march to Richmond.  We are about one Mile from Hampton vilage where the Rebels burned last fall.  We are about 15 Miles frpm Bigg Bethel and about 20 Miles from Yorktown where the Rebel General Magruder is supposed to have ten or fifteen thousand traiters but you will hear of us swepen them out some of these days Soon.  I suppose you have heard of the Battle between the Merrimack and the Little Battery Monter.  I can see her Right Plain watching the Merrimack to come out till the[y] sink her or Capture.  The Monter Battery just look like a chese box Floating on a old raft but it is the yankey Monster that can soon sink the Merriack.  I ame [in] the tent with Sergt. Cardwell and [?] Shardleys, Elliott and Croock and Button of upland.  I want you to write soon and Let me Know how you are all.  Direct for me Camp Hamilton, Fortress Monroe Col J. R. Jones 58th Regt. P.V.  Co(mpany)  A.

Edward Shields is in the Next tent he is Righ[t] well and his Best Respects to you all. Give my Love to all the children and receive a share for yourselves


And remain

Your affectionate


           John Cain